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The Whole Human Race is many things.  It is a book with a powerful message that explores multiculturalism, empathy, and inclusion and offers tangible ways to communicate positivity. It is a vehicle for artistic immersion, interpretation and expression.  It is a tool to dive into discussions about history, social issues and current affairs.  Its message has a global focus and it resonates with children and adults.

The book’s message that “we are all a part of what’s beautiful about the whole human race” is as important now as it ever was.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to check out a few examples of our fantastic student-illustrated special editions!

More Info About the Book

Principal Naomi Kirkman, Bradford School
Imagine The World Project — Montclair, New Jersey

"Our teachers used The Whole Human Race as a jumping off point for conversations about social conditions, history, literature and topics such as kindness and empathy.  The students were enthusiastically involved in discussing, envisioning and creating.  It was such a great experience using this book in our school.  I highly recommend it..."  Read More

Art Teacher, Kristin Smith, Lake and Fairfax Elementary
Imagine The World Project — Mentor, Ohio

"The kids were beyond excited to get this project.  It was so wonderful to see how quickly they took to the subject matter and came up with so many great ideas before they even started drawing!  I chose to do one grade because I want to do it with every year with each new class I have!"

Assistant Principal, Don Dilillo, Gesu School
Imagine The World Project — University Heights, Ohio

"The words of The Whole Human Race helped the students learn about our place in the global community…and enrich our understanding of our own heritage as well as the customs and traditions of people all around the globe. We thank the Imagine the World team... "  Read More


The core of our project focuses on empathy and strives to connect kids with a multicultural and diverse message of unity and compassion.


From local to global, we encourage dialogue about similar and different cultures and customs and expand on what makes us unique and what makes us the same.


Creativity is a powerful tool.  Using art, literacy, social studies, history and current affairs we challenge the thinking process with a hands-on, heads-in approach.


We offer the opportunity to raise funds for your school by selling your Special Edition of The Whole Human Race.  Contact us for details.

What is the Imagine The World Project?

In a nutshell, students create their own artwork for a book called The Whole Human Race©, by author Tim McFadden.  Over the course of the school year – the timing is totally determined by the school – students read and discuss the book and then create their own vision of it, becoming illustrators of their own Special Edition of The Whole Human Race.

Laura Seelie, K-8 educator and Project co-creator was the inspiration behind this exciting project.  It started with the idea that if we could get this book into the hands and minds of students everywhere, surely its message would resonate.  Our goal was to take this on with a non-profit mentality.  All of those who work on the project are volunteers.  All the design-time to create the print-ready layouts is done gratis.  We absorb the cost of the books we donate.  This is a free project for schools to participate in.  That’s how important getting the message out there is to us!

We are taking it slow but the interest and the results have been terrific.  We invite you to join us on a journey to Imagine the World!

L&F kids2

How it Works

Info Kit

Our kit provides all the specifics of the project.  If you are interested, just contact us and we’ll send it right off!

Let's Go!

To get you started we provide a “quick start” guide as well as a comprehensive guide to get the ball rolling.


We send you the book’s manuscript (printed or PDF), laid out and ready to design around.  It’s in black and white and the text is already in position.

Lesson Plan

We provide a 4 Week Lesson Plan broken into Grades K-3 and 4-8.  The choice is yours to use it, rework it or create something that works for you.


Your kids will create artwork for the book and you/your school will choose the work for each section.

Illustrated By:

You submit the artwork to us, we lay it out and send back for your approval.  Once approved we send it off to print.


We provide templates for School Announcements, Literacy Events, Art Shows and Press Releases.  If we don’t have it, just ask.


We are there for you every step of the way.  Our Project Coordinators are available by phone, email or in person.

Kid's Book
Books Distributed
Kids Reading and Creating

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are an important part of our project.  There are several different ways to become one.  The first is what we call an In-Class Ambassador.  This is where students help facilitate the project in the school they are in by being the liaison with us.  The second is what we call our Community Outreach Ambassador.  Upperclass students reach out to schools in or surrounding their communities to get them involved in the project.  This is a great volunteer opportunity for Juniors and Seniors.

Our Community Outreach Ambassadors in Ohio actually inspired this program and are working with us to further develop it.  If you want to get involved please get in touch!

Some of Our Completed Books

St. Angela Merici School

St. Angela Merici School was the first school to participate in the Imagine the World Project. The school took on the project with enthusiasm and impressive creativity.

Lake & Fairfax Elementary Schools

Lake and Fairfax Elementary Schools were excited to take on the Imagine the World Project.  For this project, the 3rd-grade class explored different cultures, discussing what it was like for school kids in other countries.

Gesu Catholic School

Gesu Catholic School took a wonderful approach to create their version of The Whole Human Race© by having Grades K-8 collaborate together.

Bradford School

Bradford School took on the project with great excitement, choosing to use The Whole Human Race for their One School One Book program, as well as taking on the Imagine the World Project. Grades K-5 collaborated or this fantastic special edition.

St. Bernadette

St. Bernadette School in West Lake, Ohio had grades K-8 collaborate on their Imagine the World Project, pairing up younger students with older students to explore different continents.
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