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The Imagine The World Project was created by Tim McFadden, artist and author of the children’s book The Whole Human Race© and Laura Seelie, K-8 educator and Project Director to inspire young minds to embrace and explore the concepts of empathy, diversity and multiculturalism.  They teamed up with Cleveland Institute of Art Professor and K-8 art teacher Kristin Thompson-Smith to consult, create and help facilitate the project.

School kids of all ages imagine the world through the words of the widely distributed book, The Whole Human Race©.  The book’s message acknowledges our uniqueness while reminding and reaffirming the unifying similarities we all share as part of the human race.

Schools around the country are invited to participate in this free project that lets students be part of the creation process while absorbing this timeless and important message.

Author Note

First, thank you for your interest.  Over the many years that The Whole Human Race has been published, I’ve had the incredible privilege to read it to thousands of students across the country from California to Ohio to New York.  I have read it to pre-schoolers all the way up to high-schoolers and every time I have been moved by the insight and wisdom as they absorbed the message.  Sure, it’s just one book.  Sure it’s a kid’s book best suited for certain ages.  Sure, it’s a lot of information to absorb…but the message is timeless and now needed as much as it ever was.  What I learned along the way was that this book resonates with kids and adults of all ages.  I’ll never forget the time I read it to a classroom of kids who were mostly Hispanic and I looked up to see their teacher’s eyes welled up with tears.

When I wrote this book, my dream was that every kid would have a copy and that somewhere down inside of them my tiny message that “we are all a part of what’s beautiful about the whole human race,” would help shape who they were as adults and live within them forever!  I still dream of that.  With the help and vision of Laura Seelie, who shares that dream with me, we move forward into the future!

I know this book and its message is not “the answer” to the hatred and division in the world, but I humbly believe that if we begin with kids it can be a tiny piece of the solution.

Teaching Community

We are looking for enthusiastic teachers to get involved and help us make the Imagine the World Project a true success.  Teachers are a powerful foundation under which the voices of tomorrow are dependant on.  Our message has already resonated with thousands of students because of teachers welcoming us into their worlds.  We know teachers already have so much on their plate so we strive to make this project an asset that can be easily rolled out.  We are open and interested in all ideas.


Yes, that’s most of us in some way or another!  If you are a parent, an administrator, or someone who believes in a diverse and multicultural world and wants to get involved, we’re interested in what you have to say.  And, if you are a grant writer or someone who can help facilitate global outreach we’d love to talk!

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