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Bradford School in Montclair, New Jersey was excited to take on the Imagine the World Project.  Principal Naomi Kirkman embraced this project and furthered its scope by first using the original version of The Whole Human Race for their One School, One Book program – where all students get a copy of the book to read and discuss as a school.  This was an innovative approach, deeply immersing the students in the message of the book before they began creating their own version of The Whole Human Race.

Teachers in grades K-5 used our lesson plans to discuss the many, inclusive concepts in the book and guide students in creating artwork that was representational and interpretive.  We received over 400 thoughtful, creative and fun illustrations, many of which fill this Special Edition.

Read the Flipbook

We work to turn all the books we’ve published into Flipbooks.  We are in the process of creating a Flipbook for Bradford School.  In the meantime, here are some of the pages from their Special Edition.

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