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Gesu Catholic School took a wonderful approach to create their version of The Whole Human Race© by having Grades K-8 collaborate together.  Under the direction of Mr. Don DiLillo, Ms. Mary Carol Jones, and Mrs. Karen Straub, the wonderfully creative and compassionate students worked together to create a beautiful edition of the book.

“To complete this project, Gesu students worked together in Faith Families led by our 8th graders. The words of The Whole Human Race© further enhanced our Gesu community’s theme of Gesu Together: Pray, Learn, Serve, celebrating the unique gifts shared by our diverse student body.” The students dedicated the book to their teachers, parents, and coaches who have helped them “learn about our place in the global community…and enrich our understanding of our own heritage as well as the customs and traditions of people all around the globe. We thank them for helping us learn that there are many ways for us to communicate and interact with all the members of the Whole Human Race.” The proceeds earned from the sale of this book will go toward the Gesu’s Faith Family Activities.

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