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Lake and Fairfax Elementary Schools were excited to take on the Imagine the World Project.  For this project, the 3rd-grade class explored different cultures, discussing what it was like for school kids in other countries.  Art teacher Mrs. Smith extended the project throughout the entire semester, giving her students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the ideas of The Whole Human Race© and imagine the world.  The Whole Human Race Special Print Edition illustrated by the students of Lake and Fairfax Elementary Schools was donated in part to all the students of the 3rd-grade class.

“The message of this book is timeless and right now extremely important and it’s something kids really do connect with.  It was wonderful taking the students through a visual journey of the book and watching as they created their initial quick sketches which became the starting point for their wonderful final illustrations.  We ended up needing a little assistance to get the project finished and the Imagine Team stepped right in and helped us get our book done in time to release it before the end of the semester.  They really made the process easy.  We look forward to doing the project again with new students!”  

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